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Information to all UAW Local 848 members regarding the passing of a union dues increase at the UAW Constitutional Convention. Read more >>>

Fidel Conde, Ken Goring, and Gene Lantz are in Norman, OK attending the 68th Annual Region 5 Summer School. This year's theme is "Holding Our Elected Officials Accountable, Your Vote, Your Voice, Equal Power!" Read more >>>

Retiree Leroy Hudgens explains why he volunteered to increase his retiree dues. Read more >>>

Results from the May 6, 2014 Second General Election Runoff


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Results from the April 29, 2014 General Election Runoff


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Results from the April 22, 2014 General Election Read more >>>

Letter to Members - January 31, 2014

Members of Local 848,

It is disheartening to report that the NLRB did not rule in our favor with UAW’s charges against the company. We are currently preparing for our arbitration which is scheduled at a later date. UAW members need to keep the faith and trust in what the UAW stands for! We may have lost a battle but we have not lost the war.

In Solidarity,
Your Negotiating Committee


Triumph Contract Negotiations

Check for updates on the Triumph Negotiations under the "2013 Contract Negotiations" category here!

Learn how to update your address with the Local here. Read more >>>

Click here for a list of Union-Made Vehicles and Tires. Read more >>>

Listen to Retirees, Learn History

Listen to Retirees, Learn History

by Gene Lantz

Fidel Conde was one of about 500 Mexican Americans brought from the Valley to LTV while Lyndon Johnson was President. Many of them, and their descendants, made aircraft parts there for the rest of their careers.

For a video interview with Fidel Conde, click on


Without Labor Unions You Would Not Have...
  1. Weekends without work
  2. All breaks at work, including your lunch break
  3. Paid vacation
  4. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  5. Sick Leave
  6. Social Security
  7. Medicare
  8. Minimum Wage
  9. Civil Rights Act / Title VII (Prohibits discrimination in hiring)
  10. An 8-hour work day
  11. A 40-hour work week
  12. Overtime pay
  13. Child labor laws
  14. Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)
  15. Worker’s Compensation
  16. Unemployment Insurance
  17. Pensions
  18. Workplace safety standards and regulations
  19. Employer health care insurance
  20. Employer dental, life, and vision insurance
  21. Collective bargaining rights for employees
  22. Wrongful termination laws
  23. Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)
  24. Whistleblower protection laws
  25. Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) – Prohibits employers from using a lie detector test on an employee
  26. Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS)
  27. Compensation increases and evaluations
  28. Sexual harassment laws
  29. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  30. Holiday pay
  31. Privacy rights
  32. Pregnancy and parental leave
  33. Military leave
  34. The right to strike
  35. Public education for children
  36. Equal Pay Acts of 1963 and 2011 – Requires employers to pay men and women equally for the same work
  37. Laws ending sweat shops in the United States

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Local Businesses Support Local 848

Brother Brian Caldwell and Sister Sherry Schardein visited businesses in the area to garnish support for Local 848. Read Retiree President Gene Lantz' article here!

Local 848 celebrates 70 years!

"Veteran" designation available on Texas driver license. Read more >>>

Please read the enclosed Notice to Employees and Members. Read more >>>

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